Higher Elevation Plant Lists

Higher Elevation Plant Lists


This isn’t exactly the desert!
Deer Resistant Plants

Otero is a huge county with a wide range of altitudes, temperatures, precipitation, protected micro-environments (ie: buildings & fences in town, trees & hills in the mountain areas, and plenty of wide open desert spaces with virtually no wind-breaks).  MY perfect plant may not survive the conditions just a few miles away!









There is no end to the claims made by some nurseries or big chain stores regarding “deer/wildlife proof” plants.  Our experts -more honestly- say that if you plant it, they will at least try a nibble!  Unfortunately, that nibble may be all it takes to destroy your garden or landscape. There are, however, some varieties that they may not like well enough to come back for more.  (PLANT LIST UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

The best way to keep the wildlife from eating everything that’s yours is to protect your area with fencing or other barrier.