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Turf Grasses for Lawns


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Turfgrasses for New Mexico File Format: PDF  

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NMSU: Lawn Care for Disease Control  Managing lawns begins before the grass is planted. Selecting the turfgrass variety, evaluating the planting site, preparing the site, and installing the turf   

NMSU: Yard Waste Management The lawn care and leaf care management plans outlined below will help you reduce the amount of fertilizer you use on the lawn & have a healthier lawn

Ornamental Grasses

Bamboo muhly  Muhlenbergia dumosa  

Beargrass   Nolina erumpens  

Beargrass  Nolina microcarpa  

Beargrass  Nolina texana  

Black Grama  Bouteloua eriopoda  

Deergrass  Muhlenbergia rigens 

Fluffgrass (Woollygrass)  Dasyochloa pulchellum

Hairy Grama  Bouteloua hirsuta 

Indian Ricegrass  Oryzopsis bloomeri  

Indian Ricegrass  Oryzopsis hymenoides  

Little Blue Stem  Schizachyrium scoparium  

Purple threeawn  Aristida purpurea var purpurea  

Sideoat Grama  Bouteloua curtipendula  

Texas sacahuista (beargrass)  Nolina texana  

Threeawn, Prairie   Aristida oligantha  

Threeawn, Wright’s  Aristida purpurea var. wrightii  

Wright’s Sacaton  Sporobolus wrightii    

A Field Guide to the Grasses of New Mexico
is a useful resource to wildflower and nature enthusiasts, students, ecologists, range managers, ranchers and farmers, and environmental scientists. This comprehensive guide describes over 460 different kinds of grasses growing in New Mexico, with nearly half of the species illustrated. 

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Ornamental Grasses For New Mexico  

High Country has videos on how to plant and care for each plant they sell. View their website and search for any of the above plants for detailed info on planting and care.  

Ground Covers

 Aptenia cordifolia -Hearts and Flowers   

Portulaca grandiflora – Rose Moss 

Anacyclus depressus - Mat Daisy 

Baccharis pilularis - Dwarf Coyotebush 

Cerastium tomentosum – Snow In Summer 

Chamaemelum nobile -Chamomile 

Clematis ligusticifolia - Western Virginsbower 

Cotoneaster dammeri- Eichholz, Lowfast, Coral Beauty, Cotoneaster 

Cytisus decumbens -Creeping Broom 

Delosperma nubigenum - Ice Plant 

Duchesnea indica -Mock Strawberry 

Euphorbia cyparissias -Cypress Spurge 

Euphorbia epithymoides -Cushion Spurge 

Euphorbia rigida - Spurge 

Gypsophila repens -Creeping Baby's Breath 

Juniperus horizontalis - Creeping Juniper

 Lantana montevidensis - Trailing Lantana 

Mahonia repens - Creeping Mahonia 

Melampodium leucanthum - Blackfoot Daisy 

Oenothera berlandieri - Mexican Evening Primrose 

Oenothera hookeri -Hooker Evening Primrose 

Penstemon caespitosus -Mat Penstemon 

Potentilla tabernaemontani -Spring Cinquefoil 

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘prostratus’ -Creeping rosemary   

Santolina chamaecyparissus -Lavender Cotton 

Saponaria ocymoides - Soapwort 

Sedum spp. - Stonecrop 

Sedum spurium -Dragon's Blood Sedum 

Sempervivum tectorum - Hen and Chicks 

Thymus spp. - Lemon or Creeping thyme 

Verbena peruviana - Verbena 

Veronica prostrata -Harebell Veronica  

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High Country has videos on how to plant and care for each plant they sell. View their website and search for any of the above plants for detailed info on planting and care.